Dedicated Virtual assistant for your everyday business needs.


Appointment Setter

(We Vet, We Hire,We Train,We Place) 

Our appointment setters are specialized in social media outreach.We initially examine before hiring ,we do skill tests, we hire them, we train them and we place them in your online business and they book sales meetings with your ideal clients.

Video Editor

We focus on understanding clients' business needs and goals when coming up with great stories that would resonate with your audience. We carefully produce videos and allocate enough time in every video-making process from pre-production to distribution.

Personal Assistant

To do list growing out of control? Hire a dedicated executive assistant from THE HIRE TALK that manages your routine tasks so you can get back to growing your business/focus on other business needs.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer is a master within the art industry who assembles together pictures, printing, or motion graphics to make a part of decoration. The graphic designer produces these graphics mainly for printed or electronic media, EG pamphlet, and advertisement.


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Scale your operations with  THE HIRE TALK

We book sales meetings for you, we handle your admin tasks, graphic designs and we can help you in high-quality video creation. 

At the hire talk, we help companies by providing highly-skilled and professional Appointment setters, Personal assistants, Graphic Designers, and Video Editors that help remotely to scale your business in terms of bringing Sales Meetings, to handle your Admin Tasks, Graphic Designs work, and in high-quality video creation.

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